Mini/Micro-LED Light Source

Leading the Future of New Display

NCSP Series

Using HGC exclusive Chip-Scale Packaging technology, NCSP series is suitable for emerging field of Mini LED displays, possesses automotive-grade reliability.

Picture Size LED Zones Number of LED NTSC LED Number of Splicing Application
12.3" 672 672 >85% NCSP1313 1 Automotive Display
16" 576 5184 >90% NCSP0505 1 NoteBook
27" 384 3456 >85% NCSP0510 2/4 Monitor
65" 540 4860 >90% NCSP0510 8 TV

EMC Series

It is designed for TOP View backlight solutions, covering a wide color gamut and low blue light products. It finds extensive applications in various-sized products, ranging from small wearable devices and smartphones to large TVs and commercial displays.

Picture Packag Model Size(mm) Color IF (mA) VF(V) Flux(Lm) XY/WD Application
EMC 3030EMC0.6W2.1-B-600AL 3.0*3.0*0.6-2.1φ White(low blue,NTSC:85%) 600/650 2.8~3.3 170~230 Backlight customization Commercial display/TV
EMC 3030EMC0.6N2.1-B-600A 3.0*3.0*0.6-2.1φ White 600/650 3.0~3.4 180~240 Backlight customization Commercial display/TV
EMC 3030EMC0.6N2.1-B-600AL 3.0*3.0*0.6-2.1φ White(low blue,NTSC:72%) 600/650 2.8~3.3 170~240 Backlight customization Commercial display/TV