HGC Mini BLU Leads the New Trend of In-vehicle Display with Amazing Appearance for Terminal Applicat

Apr 28, 2023

Recently, at the world's largest electronics procurement event, Hong Kong Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show, a terminal car display equipped with HGC 12.3" Mini-LED backlight module made a stunning debut, attracting many professional buyers to stop and watch the exchange.


HGC 12.3" Mini-LED Car Backlight Module Terminal Application

Empowering in-vehicle display

The car display is jointly developed by HGC and customers focusing on car navigation and audio-visual systems. The screen is equipped with HGC 12.3" Mini-LED backlight module, which, compared with the traditional car screen, provides more three-dimensional picture quality demonstration with key display parameters such as contrast ratio, color saturation, HDR effect, and matching with regional dimming algorithm.


The Mini-LED module provided by HGC for this car display adopts Local Dimming and Quantum Dot technology, and high dynamic zoning precision light control design, which can achieve million-level contrast ratio, close to NTSC 110% wide color gamut, HDR peak brightness of over 1200nits, and the screen presents richer pure colors and layered dark and light scene details, bringing superior in-car visual experience to users. The screen presents richer, purer colors and more layered details in bright and dark scenes, providing users with a superior in-vehicle visual experience and safe driving.

Application Performance Upgrade

Driven by the development of intelligent vehicles, in-vehicle display is accelerating in the direction of large-screen, multi-screen, and delicate, and the in-vehicle display technology is also advancing from traditional LCD to new display technologies such as Mini-LED and OLED. Among them, Mini-LED has more advantages than OLED by virtue of low power consumption, high brightness, long life and high reliability.

High Contrast Ratio, Realistic and Detailed Visual Experience 

HGC Mini-LED car backlight module through Local Dimming technology, according to different areas of the screen screen required brightness and darkness to achieve extremely fine dynamic backlight zoning control, the highest contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, so that the dark field is rich in detail, bright field bright colors, to bring a true and delicate visual experience.

High Brightness with Good Heat Dissipation Performance:

HGC's full series of Mini-LED backlight modules adopt self-developed high luminous efficacy flip-flop Mini-LED chips, with luminous efficacy increased by 8% compared to the industry benchmark. 12.3" Mini-LED backlight modules can reach a peak luminance of 1,200nits, which ensures a clear vision of the in-car screen even in outdoor driving environments with strong light.

Mura Improvement to Optimize Brightness Uniformity:

Due to the influence of chip wavelength consistency, driving voltage and current fluctuation, Mini-LED backlight often exists Mura phenomenon (uneven brightness or uneven chromaticity) in full white field detection, and the industry generally follows the wavelength of 1.5nm, 0.2mW and power classification for chip sorting to solve the problem.HGC, with its self-developed Mini-LED chip technology, can realize the wavelength of 0.5nm and power of 0.05mW, and the power of 0.05mW. HGC, with its self-developed Mini-LED chip technology, can realize the wavelength of 0.5nm and power of 0.05mW fine grading, so as to avoid the Mura phenomenon more effectively, and the good display performance of the screen is always the same.

Wide color gamut, color reproduction comparable to OLED:

Backlight module combined with quantum dot technology, quantum dot film in the high-density backlight excitation to get high-quality white light, can help terminal applications close to NTSC110% wide color gamut coverage, color reproduction is comparable to OLED.

Overall, the Mini-LED automotive display on display has a strong overall competitiveness compared with traditional LCD and OLED in terms of display performance, power consumption, heat dissipation and service life. In addition, HGC Mini-LED backlighting solution will also bring more cost advantages for the terminal vehicle display applications.

Scale Mass Production Delivery

As a new representative in the field of display technology, HGC, with accurate market sensitivity and strong independent research and development capability, has continuously extended the depth and breadth of Mini-LED technological innovation since its inception, mastered the whole chain of technology from chip to packaging, systematic integration, and pioneered the launch of the ACSP white Mini-LED packaging technology on the traditional POB and COB solutions to realize HGC's Mini-LED backlighting products. Mini-LED backlight products "automotive-grade" reliability.

Facing the emerging automotive display applications and the high cost of Mini-LED commercialization pain point, HGC gives full play to the Mini-LED chip self-research and self-production capabilities and light source vertical technology integration advantages, from raw materials, manufacturing, substrates and driver IC for the whole chain of quality and cost control. At present, HGC Mini-LED backlight products have won the favor of many end customers in the automotive market and realized batch delivery by virtue of display performance comparable to OLED, high reliability and high cost performance.