HGC Releases a New Generation AM Mini BLU, Exploding a New Horizon of Automotive Display

Jul 17, 2023

As an advanced technology leader in the Mini-LED field, HGC has always closely monitored cutting-edge technological innovation and development trends in the industry. In order to meet the current market demand for better image quality of Mini-LED, HGC actively promotes the development and integration of key technologies for high partition Mini-LED backlight. Recently, HGC successfully launched the first AM Mini-LED backlight solution applied to car displays. With its further advancement in thermal performance, reliability, brightness uniformity, and efficiency reduction, HGC continues to lead the race strongly.

This 15.6 is suitable for car central control display screens The new AM Mini-LED backlight product is a milestone breakthrough in HGC's diversified promotion of the layout of Mini-LED car backlight applications. The product integrates nearly 1500 HGC exclusive ACSP chip level packaged light sources, combined with AM drive technology, and can achieve features such as 1000nits high brightness, million level high contrast, integrated light and drive, high efficiency and low consumption. The backlight performance is excellent, and it also has reliable performance at the automotive specification level, providing the market with a new generation of Mini-LED car backlight solutions.

Integrating advanced technology to empower car mounted displays to increase efficiency and reduce costs


HGC 15.6 "AM Mini-LED backlight partial (not lit)

The biggest highlight of this new product is the integration and innovation of HGC's unique advantages such as Mini-LED chips and ACSP chip level packaging with AM (Active Matrix) active matrix driving technology. Through the principle of AM driving Mini-LED pixels to continuously and independently emit light, the product achieves multi-dimensional upgrades in terms of precise light control, contrast, power consumption, strobe improvement, and high partition cost-effectiveness.

Improve thermal performance and perfectly meet the application requirements of automotive regulations


HGC 15.6 "AM Mini-LED Backlight Driver Local

In the past, the passive matrix driving mode of PM (Passive Matrix) was commonly used for Mini-LED. The driving IC had high integration, and heat would be concentrated in the driving IC position, which could easily cause local overheating, leading to color deviation of Mini-LED and affecting screen image quality. Especially as the number of Mini-LED partitions increases, more driver ICs need to be used. PM Mini-LED will face greater heat dissipation pressure, color deviation risk, and higher cost pressure.

HGC actively captures market development trends and launches a new car mounted AM Mini-LED backlight product. It adopts HGC's self-developed car grade flip chip and ACSP white light packaging process, which can eliminate unstable film materials such as QD. At the same time, it utilizes AM driving mode to drive IC evenly distributed, achieving better thermal performance. The product has an ultra long reliable life and cost advantage, fully meeting the needs of car grade applications.

More uniform brightness, presenting the highest image quality in car displays


HGC 15.6 "AM Mini-LED backlight partially lit

Compared to conventional Mini-LED, the new HGC AM Mini-LED also has advantages in brightness uniformity and image quality performance. The product adopts ACSP white light Mini-LED, which can directly achieve uniform mixing of light. The advantages of high light efficiency and high uniformity of the light source are fully utilized with the support of AM driving technology. Mini-LED pixels can independently and stably emit light through regional dimming Local Dimming, without interference from surrounding pixels, achieving perfect fitting of the full grayscale Gamma curve on the screen. The transition between images is uniform, and the color and details of the image are precise and rich in highlight mode, In extremely dark mode, the brightness changes delicately without flickering, helping the car screen maintain the highest picture quality in complex driving environments.

In the future, HGC will continue to adhere to innovation driven, actively embrace the development trend of Mini-LED, collaborate with colleagues in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to continuously explore, accelerate the vertical integration of advanced key technologies, promote the iterative optimization of Mini-LED technology, products, and solutions, and aim to lead the industry, creating more possibilities for the high-end development and market popularization of Mini-LED.