Building a solid foundation for R&D and production, HGC Light Source R&D Laboratory has obta

Sep 20, 2023

Recently, the HGC Light Source R&D Laboratory (also known as the "HGC Technology Semiconductor Device Testing Center") officially passed the CNAS review and obtained the "Laboratory Accreditation Certificate", representing that HGC's testing capabilities in the field of semiconductor light sources are recognized by national authoritative institutions. The testing reports issued have international credibility, and will establish a high standard testing platform for HGC's independent research and production, helping the company shorten product certification cycles and reduce outsourcing testing costs, Efficiently deliver high-quality and cost-effective products to customers.


Hard core 3-step curve, building a solid foundation for core quality

Innovation is the sail, riding the wind and waves; Quality is the guiding principle, ensuring stability and achieving success. HGC regards the light source research and development laboratory (hereinafter referred to as the "laboratory") as the core source of ensuring the company's high-quality R&D and production. It always adheres to comprehensive investment in technology, equipment, and talent, and continuously strengthens and consolidates the testing level.

01 Testing equipment


At present, the laboratory has various testing equipment such as an integrating sphere spectroradiometer system, high-precision distributed photometer, push-pull testing machine, high and low temperature wet heat test box, etc. It can carry out optoelectronic performance testing, environmental reliability testing, effective life testing, failure analysis, etc. for semiconductor light source chips, devices and modules. In particular, it has the ability to carry out chip shear force, lead bonding tension/shear force, thermal resistance/junction temperature, etc Our professional, fast, and efficient testing capabilities include high/low temperature working life, high temperature and humidity working life, power temperature cycling, and electrostatic discharge human body models.

02 Talent Team


At the same time, the laboratory also gathers a group of R&D technical personnel with years of experience in leading industry manufacturers, major scientific research projects, and international prestigious school backgrounds to form a management and testing team, building a solid technical support talent team for conducting professional testing in the field of semiconductor light sources.

03 Management System

Since its establishment, the laboratory has adopted and strictly adhered to the CNAS-CL01:2018 (ISO/IEC 17025:2017) "Accreditation Criteria for Testing and Calibration Laboratory Capability" to establish a management system, standardize management and testing activities, effectively improve management level, ensure accurate and compliant testing results, and also contribute to the smooth passing of this CNAS review.

In the future, HGC will take this CNAS certification as an opportunity to continuously improve the testing strength of HGC's light source research and development laboratory, provide strong technical support and guarantee for the company's high-quality innovative research and development, and also lay a solid foundation for exploring the international market and winning customer trust.