Oct 21, 2020

On October 20th, HGC health lighting eye protection lamp was formally used in class one and seven of high school in Zhengyutong Middle School, Shunde District, Foshan City. These 11 health eye protection lamps, like the morning sun, exude a soft and bright light, looked up without any glare. Following the successful pilot in Central China, HGC Health Lighting “Eyepleasing Natural Light” once again lit up in Guangdong's coastal pearl, Guangdong Province.

Students spend about 60% of their day in the classroom, and the quality of the classroom lighting environment directly affects students' visual health and learning efficiency. Until the renovation of the lamps, the classroom has been using ordinary fluorescent lamps. Traditional fluorescent lamps have a low color rendering index, dazzling lights, severe glare, illuminance and uniformity of illumination can not meet national standards, and blue light is harmful. Students in this visual environment for a long time are prone to eye fatigue and cause various vision problems over time.


In order to solve the above problems and provide students with a high-quality and comfortable classroom lighting environment, the HGC team starts from the core light source of the lamp, introduces non-blue light-excited LED chips independently developed, and newly launches Eyepleasing full-spectrum healthy lighting sources. From the light-emitting technology, the blue light ratio is effectively reduced, so that the light source can evenly cover all the visible light bands, thereby effectively alleviating glare, strobe and blue light damage, and improving the myopia problem caused by blue light from the root cause. After testing, all parameters of HGC Eyepleasing health lighting products have reached and surpassed national standards. The remodeled classroom has the following obvious advantages:

After testing, all parameters of HGC Eyepleasing health lighting products have reached and surpassed national standards. The remodeled classroom has the following obvious advantages:

★ No glare, no flicker, eyes are not easy to fatigue;

★ Soft light, approximate natural spectrum, vivid colors, clearer vision;

★ Moderate color temperature and no blue light stimulation can help stabilize mood and improve learning efficiency;

★ Excellent illumination, good illumination uniformity, comfortable and bright learning environment.


Just a month ago, HGC's health lighting source also entered the eighth grade sixth classroom of the China Normal University Affiliated Optical Valley Campus. Like most classrooms, the classroom has traditionally used traditional LED fluorescent lights. After replacing the HGC full-spectrum health lighting classroom lights and blackboard lights, the entire classroom became more comfortable and bright. The writing on the blackboard has become clearer. " The arrival of "natural light" for HGC health lighting makes this classroom the first "sunshine classroom" in Wuhan that truly uses full-spectrum health lighting technology.

In order to verify this sunlight-like feeling in real time, field technicians performed spectrum collection on two classrooms equipped with different lamps through a handheld spectrum detector. It can be clearly seen that the classrooms equipped with HGC Eyepleasing health lighting The curve is smooth and the width is continuous, while the spectrum of another classroom with ordinary LED fluorescent tubes is marked with "sharp" blue light peaks.

Director Wu of the school's educational affairs office stated in an interview that "providing a high-quality and reliable educational lighting environment is the common responsibility of the school and society. After the renovation and replacement of classroom lights, I hope to improve children's myopia and allow children to use modern technology To learn more in the high-quality lighting environment. "


In the classroom lighting renovation, HGC also added an intelligent control module for the health lighting system. Through the intelligent control panel and mobile phone Bluetooth, you can achieve dual control of classroom lighting. You can also freely edit the scene mode, easily switch the lighting mode that meets the current teaching needs, and protect the eyes of the students with the most comfortable vision, and pleasant teaching atmosphere.

HGC is committed to becoming "the world's top supplier of high-end LED high-end light sources", long-term focus on high-end LED chips and light source research and development, based on lighting roots to solve problems, provide the most professional high-quality healthy light sources, to avoid the harmful effects of poor light on students' eyes. In the future, HGC will further cooperate with more schools to promote healthy lighting sources, create a truly healthy classroom lighting environment for primary and middle school students across the country, and escort the visual health of Chinese youth.