Assisting Public Health Disinfection Needs, HGC UVC-LED is Put into Use in New Scenarios

May 30, 2023

Recently, the intelligent disinfection and sterilization cabinet for items provided by HGC with UVC-LED module has entered Vanke Smart Commercial Plaza, which is used to efficiently disinfection and sterilization express parcels, takeaway lunch boxes, carry on bags and other items entering and leaving the space to ensure public health and safety.


It is reported that this device is a customized product of HGC customer enterprise "Bingqing Technology", equipped with a high-power UVC-LED sterilization module independently developed by HGC. The internal volume of the device is nearly 400 liters, and more than 200 UVC-LEDs are densely distributed on the top, bottom, left, right, and front and back. By fully covering and non dead angle high-energy ultraviolet radiation on the surface of the item, it can quickly disinfect any conventional size item in just 30 seconds, killing most pathogenic microorganisms such as COVID-19 and influenza virus, with a sterilization rate of up to 99.99%.

Cracking application pain points and empowering industrial development with product power

UVC-LED is an effective means of blocking the transmission of viruses and plays an important role in disease prevention. However, due to issues such as low radiation efficiency, poor user experience, and weak rigid demand of UVC-LED, the overall performance of the UVC-LED industry is characterized by overcapacity in the upstream and insufficient demand in the downstream terminal market.

HGC is guided by the market demand, and develops UVC-LED with precision and strong performance. Its products meet the demand for efficient disinfection and sterilization in various fields. The high-power UVC-LED sterilization module used this time follows the HGC "Chip On TIM" technology route, using inverted UVC chips, advanced packaging technology, and unique high thermal conductivity interface materials (the overall thermal conductivity of the device reaches 200W/(m · K)). Through comprehensive thermal management design and simulation services for the device and module, the problem of high-power UVC-LED heat dissipation in the terminal application process is overcome, achieving high radiation flux, high thermal conductivity, and ultra long service life of the product, To lay a solid foundation for enhancing the experience of hard demand and promoting industrial development.


①High power series

● All inorganic packaging, 0% organic matter;

● 260-560mW@700mA high optical power output;

● High reliability and high airtightness.

Suitable for industrial grade water treatment, biomedical and other fields.

②Medium to high power series

● Good focusing performance;

● High reliability, able to maintain stable light maintenance rate in high temperature environments of 85℃.

Suitable for commercial grade water treatment, air purification, and other scenarios.

③Low power series

● Multiple light output angles from 30 to 120° are available for selection;

● High reliability, able to maintain stable light maintenance rate in high temperature environments of 85℃.

Suitable for surface sterilization, water treatment, air purification, etc.

Focusing on high-end tracks and continuously promoting technological iteration and innovation

Faced with ever-changing market demands, HGC adheres to continuous technological precipitation and innovation as the core driving force for terminal breakthroughs, and has accumulated multiple key core technologies such as fully inorganic packaging, efficient optical extraction, and thermal management for several years. In response to industry pain points such as WPE, reliability, and service life, HGC has continuously made breakthrough progress. The latest UVC-LED optical device WPE has been increased to 6%, which can achieve 35mW@100mA 170mW@500mA High efficiency optical power output, reliable lifespan>30000H, comprehensive performance at the forefront of the industry, and stable mass production capacity.

Based on this, HGC has developed a number of medical grade UVC-LED solutions and supporting devices, modules and terminal high-performance products in the UVC (260-280nm) band, which are used in the fields of surface disinfection and sterilization, air purification and water purification. For the public space disinfection and other just needed application scenarios, HGC has output many mature cases, including the intelligent disinfection and sterilization cabinets for goods that were put into use in Vanke Smart Business Plaza this time, as well as other air disinfection and sterilization devices, surface lighting products, etc.

Based on the strategic positioning of being a "global high-end semiconductor light source IDM manufacturer", HGC has been continuously cultivating the UVC-LED track since its establishment, gradually mastering and consolidating the vertical integration ability of the entire UVC-LED industry chain. In the future, HGC will bring more high-end, cost-effective, customized UVC-LED chips, devices, terminal application complete solutions, and long-term services to the market.