Apr 20, 2021

Driven by the epidemic, the demand for sterilization and disinfection in public and home places surged, and the frequent thunderstorms of viruses will further promote environmental friendly, safe and portable sterilization and disinfection products to become the mainstream of the future market.

As a new type of deep ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization element, UVC LED has become the preferred solution in the field of ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization in the world by virtue of its safety, environmental protection, compactness, high efficiency, low consumption and no chemical residues. It has been widely used in public places, logistics and transportation, transportation, home life, personal protection and other scenes.

From terminal application to device packaging, yield, external quantum efficiency, reliability and thermal management life are still the difficulties of UV light source technology breakthrough. 


The chip solder paste welding chip commonly used in the market is easy to fall off, and the residual flux affects the lamp pearlescent maintenance life. Through self-developed all inorganic packaging  technology, HGC can realize the reliable welding of 0 organic matter, achieving high stability, high air tightness and high photoelectric maintenance performance.

At present, the luminous efficiency of UVC LED products that can be mass produced in the market is mainly concentrated at 2 ~ 3%. Relying on advanced chip and packaging technology, HGC focuses on overcoming the key technical pain point of low luminous efficiency of UVC led. The WPE of HGC UV LED has exceeded 5%, higher than the industry average, and the light extraction rate has also been in the forefront of the industry.

Due to the low photoelectric conversion efficiency of UVC led, most of the electric energy is converted into heat, and thermal management plays a key role in improving the luminous efficiency of UVC led. Traditional PCB, ceramic and aluminum substrates cannot meet the high thermal conductivity standard.

HGC has a comprehensive thermal management design for devices and terminal products, providing simulation services for product design. It adopts high thermal conductivity AlN ceramic support, stable and reliable eutectic welding process, and the effective life of the device is more than 30000h, which is at the leading level in the industry. The power consumption is reduced by 70% compared with the traditional ultraviolet light source.

The UV light source independently developed by HGC can provide customized technical solutions of different bands (260-410nm) according to the product positioning. Among them, UVC LED products have covered 260-280nm bands to meet the needs of more light angles, with single luminous peak, high energy concentration, stronger sterilization effect, shorter time and sterilization rate as high as 99.99%.

The application of UV light source is far more than sterilization. In the future, HGC will accelerate the layout in many application fields, such as disinfection and purification, industrial medical treatment, light curing, health education, etc., focus on the layout of the whole industrial chain of high-end light source segments, from chips, packaging, modules to applications, accelerate the progress of research and development, and provide efficient and high-quality UV solutions and customized whole chain services for the market.