Launched White BLU Products, HGC Fully Opened Mini LED Commercialization

Nov 04, 2021

At the Mini LED backlight product launch in the third quarter, HGC launched a new self-developed ACSP backlight application series solution, as well as a multi-product matrix with different light mixing distances from OD0 to OD7.

It is reported that the mainstream Mini LED backlight technology products are still in COB or traditional POB solutions. HGC is one of the few companies in the world with ACSP backlight technology.

Cancellation of QD film material, Product cost is greatly reduced

In terms of backlight technology solutions, HGC adopts reasonable optical design and eliminates films such as QD and DBEF, which greatly reduces the product cost of Mini LED while improving product reliability, laying a solid foundation for the large-scale commercial use of Mini LED backlight series.


HGC Mini LED White Light Board

Reliability improved, Mass shipment of finished products

In terms of application scenarios, the improvement of ACSP technology in expansion pads and secondary reflow soldering process during the packaging process further solves the problems of low yield and limited product application scenarios in the commercial process of Mini LED. At present, HGC ACSP white light Mini LED series can be flexibly applied to multiple application scenarios such as tablet, notebook, monitor, TV, commercial display, vehicle, etc. Among them, the 12.5-inch vehicle-mounted Mini LED display module and the 27-inch display module have been mass-produced. It has been unanimously recognized by well-known car factory customers and panel manufacturers.


Equipped with HGC white light Mini LED product display

Reasonable optical design, Color gamut up to 98% NTSC

In terms of product performance, HGC relies on its unique chip design and self-developed ACSP packaging technology. The volume of the package is only 1.1-1.2 times that of the chip, and the light beam angle of the lamp bead ranges from 140° to infinitely approaching 180°, which solves the problem of the traditional Mini LED's large OD. To achieve ultra-thin display body, extremely fine dynamic backlight partition control, million-level ultra-high contrast ratio, etc.

Five years of sharpening a sword, HGC fully opened the road to Mini LED commercialization

As early as 2016, the founding team of HGC smelled the huge potential of Mini LED in the mid-to-high-end panel market, and started the research on the new display technology of Mini LED, and chose the ACSP backlight application solution with the highest technical threshold and the most difficult to make key breakthroughs.

In 2019, the world's smallest Mini-LED products that can be mass-produced will be launched, and cooperation with first-tier mobile phone manufacturers will be carried out on backlight projects.

In 2021, on the Mini LED products with two flip-chip forms, COB and POB, through the self-developed ACSP packaging technology with independent intellectual property rights, a key breakthrough will be made in improving product performance and cost performance - ensuring a color gamut of up to 85 %-98% NTSC, automotive-grade reliability, low power consumption, ultra-long service life and other ultra-high performances. At the same time, the cost of white Mini LED backlight modules can be reduced by 15-25%, marking the commercialization of HGC Mini LED products. The road is officially in full swing.

In less than five years, HGC has not only realized multiple iterations of Mini LED technology and products, but has also successively built a number of complete Mini LED production lines around the world, covering the entire Mini LED industry of "chip-packaging-testing-module" Chain design, manufacture and sales. In 2020, we invested in the establishment of a Mini LED backlight display solution development center, which professionally connects with mid-stream and downstream panel manufacturers, and provides flexible and complete backlight product application solutions according to customer needs.

In the future, HGC will continue to make efforts in the fields of Mini LED, Micro LED, small-pitch LED display, backlight, etc., increase investment in Mini/Micro LED R&D, design and production, and continue to actively promote the progress of the industrial chain, low-cost solutions, and mass production, to promote the transformation and upgrading of the display industry.