New white Mini LED mid-size high-end product details revealed, HGC how to combine high performance &

Nov 15, 2021

Bigger, smaller, thinner and more stable, HGC has been seeking the optimal solution for the balance of the four in the backlight display field.

At the third quarter Mini LED backlight product launch, HGC made the world debut of the new 27-inch Mini LED backlight monitor, which is equipped with the exclusive self-developed ACSP solution white Mini LED backlight series.

Ultra-reliable strength

With the rapid development of LCD technology in recent years, as well as the "indoorsy economy" demand pull, Mini LED display technology in the medium and large size applications pointed to the gaming display market, can reach the ideal screen in the hearts of gaming players high-end pursuit; at the same time in the trend of large screen, TV, commercial display is also the largest Mini LED The industry giants have entered the market to seize the opportunity.


The ACSP white Mini LED backlight series released by HGC is based on the traditional COB, POB program on the iterative innovation technology achievements, including the new 27-inch Mini LED backlight products equipped with nearly 20,000 Mini LEDs, 2304 dynamic backlight partition to achieve precise light control function, with 100,0000:1 ultra-high contrast ratio, peak brightness up to With 1500nits and a color gamut of 85%-98% NTSC, the new 27-inch Mini LED backlight product can delicately render every color detail in games and movies, bringing the ultimate stunning visual experience.

Unlike the market trend of Mini LED backlight technology, HGC adopts the white Mini LED backlight technology with independent intellectual property rights. Through the exclusive and innovative ACSP technology, the product reliability and production yield are greatly improved and the secondary reflow restriction is lifted, which effectively solves the problems of low yield and limited product application scenarios in the commercial process of Mini LED.

According to HGC, the ACSP solution for white Mini LED backlight series is innovatively optimized on the traditional packaging technology and embedded with extended pad process, which greatly improves the reliability of the product and reaches the "automotive grade" standard; by optimizing the phosphor solution, the color gamut level reaches the "ceiling" level in the industry with the same technology direction. By optimizing the phosphor solution, the color gamut level reaches the "ceiling" level of the industry in the same technology direction; at the same time, it can achieve the requirement of "full measurement and full score" to ensure that the product performance remains ultra-high consistency.

Cost reduction competition

In terms of end-use applications, Mini LED is more advanced than OLED in medium and large size applications. Mini LED has higher life and stability, contrast ratio and lower power consumption. However, in medium and large size applications, HGC will occupy the high ground in Mini LED gaming and large display market if it can reduce cost.


HGC uses flip-flop white Mini LED to directly achieve uniform light mixing, no lens for secondary optical design, the same power consumption than the blue solution can achieve higher brightness, eliminating QD and DBEF and other film materials, significantly shorten the optical distance, reduce the thickness of the whole machine, to achieve ultra-thin body, white Mini LED backlight module cost reduction of 15-25%, solving the Mini LED in the medium and large size applications It solves the biggest pain point of Mini LED in large-size applications and lights up the road of commercialization of HGC Mini LED products.

OD Competition

HGC ACSP white Mini LED backlight series layout OD0~OD7 under different mixing distance of multiple product matrix, can be flexibly applied to flat panels, notebooks, monitors, TVs, commercial displays, automotive and other application scenarios, including 12.5-inch automotive Mini LED display module and 27-inch display module, have achieved batch shipments, and won the well-known car manufacturers customers and panel manufacturers The unanimous recognition.

HGC, which never stops, leads the future with innovation.